Penny is an AKC Standard Poodle and she is 1 year old. I drove to Pennsylvania to get her and upon arriving found a very scared and under socialized dog. She was also underweight. My being me I couldn’t leave her there. She was raised in a kennel and didn’t even know her name. She had never been off their property.

I have had her for 7 months now. She has battled hookworms since I got her but is clear of them now and has finally started to pick up weight. I changed her name and taught it to her and she has learned sit as well as worked some on walking on a leash. I have mostly been working on her knowing that people are good and that the world is not scary. All of her fear is simply from lack of socialization. She is the SWEETEST dog and has really come a very long way. She had entropion in both eyes so she has had corrective surgery and was spayed. She is potty/crate trained now and very rarely has any accidents. She has a long way to go as far as commands and leash walking but I know she is going to make someone an an amazing pet. Her worst habit is jumping and chewing up toys. She only gets toys like benebones and kongs. She gets along with most of my dogs. She is more of a dominant personality. She needs a family that will continue to shower her in love and will continue to work on socialization. She does do amazing for grooming. If you have any questions about Penny please let me know.

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