Up and Coming Mamas and Daddys

Here are our up and coming mamas and dads. As long as all health testing checks out they will be joining our breeding program!


Born 1/11/22 from Willow and Napoleon. She is a Standard Poodle and I expect her to get 40-55lbs. I wasn’t originally planning to keep a girl out of this litter but I just couldn’t let her go. She is the sweetest girl with a model temperament and such a beautiful coat.


Meet Masha! She is from Waffles and Keeco. Born 9/4/20. She is everything I could have hoped for in a Waffles puppy. She is so calm and sweet with the smarts to go with it. Masha is so incredibly sweet and just has be most beautiful structure. She is a perfect medium sized girl at… Read more »