Our Boys

We have 2 male Standard Poodles and 1 Moyen poodle. We love to take pictures of our babies so check out all the individual pictures and information on each dog page.

Napoleon Dynamite-$6000

AKC Registered Meet Napoleon Dynamite! Napoleon is a lover. I got Napoleon when he was 8 months old. He had never been on a leash but immediately went on hikes at Yellowstone with us. Napoleon has come to us all the way from Idaho! Napoleon is a small Standard Poodle at 45lbs. He is the… Read more »


AKC Registered Meet Taco! Born 12/27/19 a Standard Poodle from Hazel and Luke. He was my keeper boy to be a daddy but also training to be my migraine alert service dog. He has the most amazing temperament. He is a lover and always wants to be with you. He also has a silly and… Read more »