Our Boys

We have 2 male Standard Poodles and 1 Moyen poodle. We love to take pictures of our babies so check out all the individual pictures and information on each dog page.


AKC Registered Keeco is a Moyen poodle which is a size recognized in Europe but not yet in America. It is a medium poodle in between the miniature and the standard poodle. I think they are the perfect size. He weighs 36lbs. Keeco is the most joyful dog you will meet. He loves everyone. He… Read more »


AKC Registered Oh where do I begin with this boy! He had my heart from the moment I first saw his newborn puppy picture. I was second pick for his litter and just prayed first pick wouldn’t pick him and to my surprise she went with another boy. He flew all the way from Idaho… Read more »


AKC Registered Luke is a standard poodle and he is 25″ tall at the withers. We love Luke! We call him our gentleman. He lets everyone eat first and everything he does is so gentlemanly. He is our shadow and is found wherever you are. Luke is extremely smart our vet couldn’t believe how smart… Read more »